Camp Oven Cooking Retreat

Friday, 18 June, 2021 3:00 PM - Sunday, 20 June, 2021 8:30 AM
Location(s): Clarence River Bed & Breakfast

Stay at the enchanted Clarence River Bed & Breakfast on the mighty Clarence for a retreat to remember. The 4.5 star resort offers country charm with a touch of class and welcoming hospitality.

Clarence River Bed & Breakfast is hosting a two day Camp Oven Cooking Workshop with Ranger Nick in a totally unique and comfortable setting.

Recently involved in successfully claiming the World Record title for the Longest Damper, Ranger Nick is often referred to as the “Guru” and master of keeping it simple when it comes to camp oven cooking. Appearing on TV, radio and podcasts, Ranger Nick has been demonstrating the art of bush cooking professionally since 2010.

Ranger Nick will show you hands on how to produce a cracker of a meal with whatever is in the tucker box. There is nothing more simple or enjoyable then cooking up a storm in the camp oven - best of all, anyone can do it. Suddenly, kids of ALL ages want to be in the "kitchen”. Even the cleaning-up is easy.

You are guaranteed personalised attention and ensured to get all your questions answered. You will leave the workshop with a pocket full of easy delicious recipes and the know how of camp oven cooking.

This is more than a cooking class and certainly not an ordinary experience.

Participants may bring their own camp ovens and are able to season them if required.

Numbers for the retreat are strictly limited to ensure you get 100% personalised attention, make the most of your weekend and stay safe of course.

Phone bookings only

0407 440055


Ranger Nick DampersThe retreat workshop includes:

* 2 nights accommodation at the 4.5 star Clarence River B&B
* daily breakfast, 2x dinner, 1x morning tea, 1x lunch, 1x afternoon tea
* hands-on camp oven cooking class - you eat what you cook (all ingredients supplied)
* learn about different types of camp ovens, seasoning your camp oven, various heat sources, preferred types of timber, heat control, cleaning your camp oven, caring and storing of your camp oven
* folder with notes and recipes
* take home gifts (hand-made camphor laurel cutting board, chefs apron, curry spice & recipe kit)
* get all your questions answered
* Certificate of completion


Tomato Fetta Damper    Roast Silverside   Peach Cobbler


Check out Clarence River Bed & Breakfast for retreat details.


Ranger Nick DampersThe workshop includes:

2 nights accommodation
2x breakfast
1x morning tea
1x lunch
1x afternoon tea
2x dinner

Hands-on participation & personalised attention.


    Tomato Fetta Damper    Roast Silverside   Peach Cobbler


Camp Oven Cooking Workshop with Ranger Nick



Ranger Nick Camp Oven Roasts

Cooking retreats take place regularly at the Clarence River Bed & Breakfast. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.